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The Find T-Shirt + Extras (Blue Version)

Image of The Find T-Shirt + Extras (Blue Version)


To celebrate our second anniversary, we bring you this limited edition 'The Find Mag Goodie Bag'. For only 25 EU (34 USD) you are in for a special treat:

+ A limited edition The Find Mag t-shirt, made in collaboration with Project Mooncircle
+ Three exclusive digital tracks off our 'The Find Rewind' tape
+ The first ten orders receive one of the very last physical copies of our beat tape 'The Find Rewind'.
+ A discount code for our future projects
+ FREE shipping in Europe!

Shirt details:
White silkscreen print on 100% cotton, B&C Exact 190 (Cyan Blue) model. Designed by The Binh (Project Mooncircle) and printed by More Color (Freshcotton, Vage Gasten, Pete Philly & Perquisite a.o.).

Front detail: Back detail:

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